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Success Stories

Each one of our clients expressed they were inspired, informed, and empowered, even after just one session. Read below to gain an understanding of how we have helped Makeup Artists just like you.

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LaToya Hill

Oklahoma City, OK
I would like to thank Spring Super for being my Mentor. I feel like I was just a spinning top and you stopped the spinning and pointed me in the right direction. For that I am grateful.

La Toya is continuing to build her portfolio and develop relationships in the industry.

Michelle L. Johnson

Washington, D.C.
I just can't say enough good things about the Makeup Mentor program. I am very lucky and feel proud that I have Spring Super as my Mentor. Spring took time to get to know my background, previous training as well as my career aspirations. She then created a personalized business plan to help me become the type of artist I aspire to be. She even found ways to help me overcome my areas of weakness. Today, I am a much more confident and focused artist and business woman. Spring has given me such good advice based on her experience and expertise, which is an invaluable resource. She saved me so much time, effort, and frustration. I have avoided so many mistakes. I can always count on her for honest guidance and opinions. She answers ALL my questions and patiently explains all the things I don’t understand. I enjoy our sessions so much. I also write down everything she says and read it over and over again. Undoubtedly, Spring is truly committed to developing excellent makeup artists. I sincerely hope that one day I will make her proud to be my teacher, counselor, adviser and Mentor.

Michelle is working with photographers and actively building her portfolio.

Nik Masi

Brooklyn, NY
As a beginner with no formal training, I knew the Mentee Program was right for me. I felt a very strong connection with Spring after our first meeting. I have gained an enormous amount from working with her one-on-one. Spring has taught me the business of makeup, helped me get my professional kit together and has guided me to do important things the right way in this competitive business. She also pushed me to find my specific style and technique and made sure my portfolio represented the artist that I am. The Mentee Program has put my career on fast forward; it has been a magical experience. I am finally working more as a paid makeup artist and living my dreams.

Nik Masi is now working as a paid freelance makeup artist, doing assistant work and testing/building her portfolio.

Evy Power

Los Angeles, CA
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  • Airbrush
  • Fashion
Spring Super has been one of the most influential artists in my professional career. Not only was she instrumental in teaching me advanced makeup techniques, she helped me hone in and fine-tune the basic skills I already had! She genuinely wanted me to succeed in makeup artistry and the business. I was always an equal when assisting her onset and she introduced me to people that later became long-term clients. She taught me many invaluable skills that one cannot learn in an institution such as onset etiquette and working as a collaborative team with other industry professionals. Spring is an amazing person and artist and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for her expertise!

Evy Power is now represented by a major agency in L.A. and is working with big talent such as M.I.A.

Zhenya Fateeva

  • Airbrush
  • Editorial
  • Fashion
What Spring does is really important for every professional make-up artist. I think that people who are talented but don't know how to tell others about their art need Makeup Mentor's support. The Mentors have to push and encourage the Mentee and help him/her meet their potential. This is what Spring is doing for me.

Zhenya is a successful, freelancer working in fashion/editorial. Based in Russia, she gets to travel all over the world shooting for magazines such as Cosmopolitan.

Tricia McElduff

Brooklyn, NY
  • Airbrush
  • Bridal
Since as early as I can remember I have loved make up and have had a burning desire to be a great make-up artist. After meeting Spring Super and becoming part of Make-Up Mentor, I truly believe I am headed in that direction. Aside from her accomplishments and impressive portfolio, Spring has an amazing personality and passion for the business that is infectious. Her honesty and willingness to share tips on being a better artist was exactly what I needed and was looking for in order to take my career to the next level. As many new artists know there aren't many people willing to share their experiences to help one another out - Spring however is the complete opposite. Make-Up Mentor was exactly what I needed and I found it at exactly the right time. I can proudly say I am no longer a part-time make-up artist but a full-time make-up artist with goals and dreams to reach that truly seem attainable. I am looking forward to continuing my work with Spring and Make-Up Mentor. It has been a very exciting experience and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

Tricia works full time at a salon in Brooklyn. and very busy outside of the salon with weddings. Just completed Airbrush training.

Liz Marz

New York, NY
I am a firm believer in the idea that if you want something bad enough, and you focus on it hard enough, then it will come to you. Upon our first meeting I couldn’t believe how perfect this program was for me. I had just gotten out of makeup school and was in desperate need of guidance. That is exactly what I found. The program was so organized and our weekly sessions really helped me get things together. I not only got my business cards, portfolio, branding, website, and books from Makeup Mentor, but I have an experienced artist as my mentor, from whom I am constantly seeking advice. Whether it is about what picture to put in my book or tips for a job interview, I am never left hanging! Without this program, I can say for sure, I would be nowhere close to where I am today. I look forward to working with Makeup Mentor for a long time, and hopefully I will be able to become a mentor one day for new makeup artists like myself.

Liz Marz has quickly went from working a job she despised to happily working full time as the resident Makeup Artist at Arrojo Studio.