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Q: Who is Spring Super?

Spring Super is the founder of Makeup Mentor! Bringing over a decade of significant experience, Spring conveys a relatable attitude to every aspect of makeup artistry. She has been making a strong impact in the industry and believes that in order to be successful, makeup artists need to be supportive of each other. Spring helps to develop and strengthen the professional makeup artist community through her mentoring success, working as a NY certified instructor at top schools and as a beauty expert writer. Her passion for professionalism, technique and product knowledge has helped her build an arsenal of skills sought after by industry leaders including Maybelline, Smashbox and Temptu Airbrush. Spring's giving and colorful spirit has helped her achieve a rewarding career that she loves.

Q: How long are the one-on-one sessions?

Each mentoring session is at least one hour with a custom curriculum developed for your specific needs. Sessions often run over, so it is best to allow two hours in your schedule for each session.

Q: Will Makup Mentor get me jobs?

Makeup Mentor is not an agency or job placement service. Makeup Mentor empowers artists with education and training so you can acquire paid work, agents, unions, etc. We are often contacted for referrals for makeup assistants, paid and unpaid, and are dedicated to helping you find work. Makeup Mentor measures its success by the success of our Mentees.

Q: What if I want to do SFX, Film, Etc...?

Our faculty of mentors include artists with decades of experience in every discipline of Makeup Artistry in all areas of the industry, and from all areas of the country. No matter what combination of skills you possess or the makeup artistry you specialize in, Makeup Mentor can help!

Q: I went to Makeup School. Do I still need Makeup Mentor?

Makeup Mentor is like a business finishing school for graduates. We provide the guidance, services and products for you to make the transition from student to professional working artist in any part of the industry including Magazines, TV, Film, SFX, Music, Fashion and Runway! School can teach you the art of makeup; we help you make a living at it.

Q: Will Spring be my Mentor?

Yes! Spring will be your Mentor, as will our diverse faculty of experienced artists from every discipline of the industry. is allows you to have mentor sessions with those already successful at what you want to do. And you can always search and network with mentors near you at Makeupmentor.com for free!

Q: When are the one-on-one sessions?

Whenever you want! Makeup Mentor schedules sessions during the day, at night, and even on weekends! Many makeup artists have full and part-time jobs, as well as school, family and friends to attend to. We make flexible appointments to accommodate your busy, changing schedule.

Q: What if I don’t live in New York?

You can still participate in the Mentee program! Mentorships can be conducted virtually. Makeup Mentor arranges sessions via Skype, IM, phone and currently have Mentees in other countries. Just let us know what works best and we will accommodate you.

Q: How much does it cost?

Makeup Mentor programs are custom designed so program prices vary. We pass along many discounts to Mentees whenever possible and can arrange payment plans and nancial aid for almost anyone. e cost of the program is based on where you are nancially (what you can aord), your level of experience (what you have yet to learn), and your unique needs for supplies and training (kits, portfolio, school). Aer an evaluation of these factors, we create a proposal package consisting of all the mentor sessions, resources and business materials you need to excel in your career. Á la carte one-on-one mentor sessions are also available. Single 1 hour session $90. Purchase 3 or more sessions for $60 each! *Please note that what we provide are necessary investments a professional artist must make, no matter what, in order to succeed. Going through Makeup Mentor makes it easier, more cost effective and saves you costly mistakes artists make in the beginning of their career.