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June 17, 2009

Makeup Mentor...We've Got Lift-Off!

Makeup Mentor Launches at the Makeup Show 2009

The chatter of attendees at this year's Makeup Show was charged with enthusiasm and optimism about the new kid on the block, Makeup Mentor. Makeup artists, students and business owners alike saw Makeup Mentor as a positive addition to the industry.

Artists were enthusiastic about The Mentee Program, expressing emphatically that something like this program has been long overdue. Shannon Thompson, a Film, Theater and Special Effects artist of 13 years wrote, "There is a HUGE need for guidance in this industry. I wish I had someone help me when I started."

Spring Super started this company to fill the void of business experience that exists amongst many makeup artists today. It is holding them back from making a living at their dreams, even if they are great artists! We believe that is not fair and every single person deserves to make a living, preferably doing what they love. We do everything in our power to help.

The experiences we have had with Mentees have been wonderful and very gratifying. We see immediate results and so much progress, so quickly. The proof in the pudding, so-to-speak, as every single one of our clients has this experience.

We believe we've got it right, we believe we have Lift Off!