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Nov. 30, 2008

Embryolisse - pronounced embryo-leez

Never before had someone in my makeup chair asked me "Mmmm, what moisturizer was that", until I used Embryolisse Lait- Creme. Now it happens every time!

My first experience with Embryolisse was at Fashion Week earlier this year. I am always snooping around other MUA kits backstage to see who has what. Let me tell you, Embryolisse is the new black. It was everywhere. Of course I went right out, got me a tube, and haven't gone a day without it since.

Almost every single person I put this product on is visibly impressed, and is compelled to ask about it. I was asked about it so often and it was so hard to find that I started carrying samples for my clients. It's now available in select pharmacies in Manhattan but can be more easily purchased online, at Temptu and Alcone.

This is a product whose reputation has been built by word of mouth. Professionals used it and loved it. They told everyone, those people told everybody, and now it's all anyone is talking about. People are pointing it out to me saying how great it is. Funny how these things work.

It has now been featured in many beauty magazines as the 'new big thing'. Judging by personal experience and feedback from clients, this product and the entire line does something incredible, it works. It's great for any skin type and has neutral packaging, which makes it appealing to men, as well as women.

Another must have for home and kit!