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Custom & Affordable Career Coaching For Makeup Artists

  1. a wise and trusted counselor.
  2. an inspiring senior sponsor and supporter.
  1. a driven artist looking to grow in their career.
  2. a pupil in a Makeup Mentor-Mentee Program.

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  1. Apply Online for The Mentee Program.
  2. We create a Custom Curriculum based on your needs.
  3. Learn through One-on-One Sessions with your Mentor.

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The Mentee Program

One on One Sessions

Custom curriculum. 1-hour long. Online via Skype. It's a therapy session for your profession!

Cost | $90/Session


Everything a Professional Makeup Artist needs..often at Discount. Added a' la carte.

Costs Vary | $100 and up

Our Success Stories

Evy Power

Evy Power

Spring Super has been one of the most influential artists in my professional career. Not only was she instrumental in teaching me advanced makeup techniques, she helped me hone in and fine-tune ...

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