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Custom & Affordable Career Coaching For Makeup Artists

  1. a wise and trusted counselor.
  2. an inspiring senior sponsor and supporter.
  1. a driven artist looking to grow in their career.
  2. a pupil in a Makeup Mentor-Mentee Program.

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  1. Apply Online for The Mentee Program.
  2. We create a Custom Curriculum based on your needs.
  3. Learn through One-on-One Sessions with your Mentor.

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The Mentee Program

One on One Sessions

Custom curriculum. 1-hour long. Online via Skype. It's a therapy session for your profession!

Cost | $90/Session


Everything a Professional Makeup Artist needs..often at Discount. Added a' la carte.

Costs Vary | $100 and up

Our Success Stories

Tricia McElduff

Tricia McElduff

Since as early as I can remember I have loved make up and have had a burning desire to be a great make-up artist. After meeting Spring Super and becoming part of ...

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